Representatives of "Uzbekkosmos" took part in the ICESCO Global Forum in the field of space science

Date: 09.11.2021

On November 1-2 of this year, the Global Space Science Forum was held, organized by the World Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO) and the US Space Fund. The forum discussed a number of practical recommendations for strengthening international partnerships and cooperation in order to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries in the field of space science and to encourage countries in the Islamic world to invest in applied space sciences and related industries.

The forum, which was held under the theme “Joint Exploration of the Future of Space Science” at ICESCO headquarters in Rabat and via videoconference, brought together officials, space experts and politicians, as well as astronauts. Participants unanimously emphasized the need to strengthen human resources for space research and provide the necessary financial resources for the development of related infrastructure. They also focused on the need to create incentives for youth and women in the Islamic world to integrate them into space science and technology, supporting startups and raising awareness of the importance of space science in improving life on planet Earth.

It also discussed ways to strengthen partnerships between academia and industry in space science applications, highlighting the attention that Muslims throughout history have devoted to space science and innovation. Participants stressed the importance of opening up academic institutions and researchers to space technology, as well as the need to build partnerships and engage the private sector to harness the benefits of space science, strengthen the innovative potential of young people, and urged all countries to integrate into space science.

At the invitation of ICESCO, representatives of the Space Research and Technology Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan took part in a virtual format. In particular, the head of the Department for Coordination of International Cooperation Ismoil Rasulov made a presentation on “Supporting the use of space technologies to ensure sustainable development” and presented information about the agency “Uzbekkosmos”, its activities, work done and plans for the future.

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