Blue Origin sends six tourists to suborbital flight for the first time

Date: 12.12.2021

For the first time, the New Shepard went out of the atmosphere with a full load - six people were on board. This was reported by Blue Origin, which belongs to Jeff Bezos and is engaged in manned space flights.

The flight, which took place on December 11, became the third for New Shepard, but for the first time the ship delivered six tourists abroad of the earth's atmosphere - before that the crew consisted of four people.

On board were four tourists who bought tickets - businessmen Lane Bess, Evan Dick and Dylan Taylor, as well as Cameron Bess. They were accompanied by two guests of honor - the daughter of the first American astronaut Laura Shepard Churchley and the host of the show "Good Morning America" ​​Michael Strahan.

The ship rose to an altitude of more than one hundred kilometers, leaving the atmosphere. The flight lasted about ten minutes. The next start will take place in 2022.

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