"Uzbekcosmos" Agency and the Spanish company COTESA agreed on the implementation of a pilot project

Date: 20.06.2022

At a meeting with COTESA, which was held as part of the international conference “ENGAGE-2022”, representatives of "Uzbekcosmos" Agency got acquainted with such company solutions as automatic identification of structures and buildings, monitoring of roads, collecting and monitoring data on vegetation, tree classification, automatic identification of solar panels, detection of illegal waste dumps, detection of cases of asbestos use on the roof of houses using satellite and aerial imagery, lidar technology and Internet devices.

Information was provided that the company has implemented about 1000 projects throughout Europe, and algorithms have been developed to improve the quality of satellite images as a result of scientific research.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed on the joint implementation of a pilot project in a certain small area on the territory of Uzbekistan.