Results of the Abu Dhabi Space Debate

Date: 13.12.2022

As previously reported, the delegation of Uzbekistan took part in the Abu Dhabi Space Debate conference in the United Arab Emirates.

The international event, which lasted two days, was attended by leaders and relevant representatives of about 50 countries working in the space sector. This event's agenda included topics such as the role of space agencies in sustainable development, new space geopolitics, space exploration and private sector participation in the development of this area, National Space programs, space sustainability, and new space trends.

At the same time, panel sessions and seminars were held with the participation of heads of various space agencies nations, and relevant specialists.

During the seminars, the delegation of Uzbekistan also exchanged views on the activities that need to be carried out for the development of developing countries in the space sector to increase the efficiency of activities in such areas as scientific and technical, test and production, experimental research, organization of specific basic space infrastructure.

Representatives of Uzbekspace held several meetings within the framework of the conference with representatives of the Turkish Space Agency (TUA), the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey, the French National Center for Space Development (CNES), the Egyptian and Colombian Space Agencies, British PWC, American ESRI, BlackSky, and Maxar Technologies, Spanish companies Satlantis and Bulgarian EnduroSAT.

During the meetings, the development of the space sphere, the exchange of experience, joint projects and the launch of the first cubesat of the Turkic states, the organization of the interactive educational complex "SpaceCamp" in Uzbekistan, the establishment of interaction with foreign higher educational institutions, professional development of Uzbekcosmos agency specialists were discussed within the framework of the organization of Turkic states. Discussions were held on several important issues, such as cooperation in the design and development of a small-scale satellite belonging to the SmallSat satellite series, the possibility of obtaining a single license for the ArcGIS geoinformation system, which will be applied throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the creation of a single training center aimed at professional development.

Following the meetings, Uzbekspace Agency also reached effective agreements on attracting foreign investment in the development of the industry in the country, conducting training seminars and research in Uzbekistan with the invitation of qualified foreign experts.