The Uzbekspace agency got acquainted with the potential, experience and capabilities of the Hungarian space industry

Date: 02.06.2023

Delegation from the Uzbekspace agency visited Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Throughout the visit, a meeting was held with the Commissioner for Space Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, in addition to this, delegation toured the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

During a meeting with Hungary’s Commissioner for Space Affairs, O. Ferencz, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, discussions revolved around bilateral cooperation between Hungary and Uzbekistan, as well as multilateral collaboration within the Organization of Turkic States.

For information: Hungarian space activities are currently coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. As a member of the European Union, Hungary also collaborates with the European Space Agency in space endeavors and allocates 25 million euros annually from their budget for the cause.

In the meeting, they examined various initiatives in detail, such as introducing space education in Hungarian schools, drawing from Singapore and Israel’s experiences, the “CubeSat” small satellite projects, the “Unispace” project, and the “HUNSPACE” space clusters. They also discussed Hungary’s implementation of the Netherlands’ SpaceBuzz project and a pilot project spanning several schools.

Furthermore, the “Lechner” knowledge center was highlighted, which was established in Hungary in partnership with the European Space Agency. It focuses on geospatial data and assists the government in managing crucial economic sectors like land relations and agriculture.

In conclusion, both parties agreed to develop a draft memorandum centered on space education and industry collaboration, with the intent to continue broadening their cooperative efforts.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

During a visit to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the development of the space industry and scientific and practical activities in Hungary’s higher education system were explored. The university showcased their work on small satellites, satellite data management, and data reception and processing. They also presented scientific research conducted with the help of these small satellites, which were developed by university students to enhance their capabilities and skills in satellite development.

The university is currently working on introducing an English-language study program to admit foreign students in the field of space technology. The ground station, installed on the roof of the university building, was inspected as well. Additionally, the HUNSPACE cluster provided insights into its potential and the collaborative efforts with the university to create a harmonized training system.

At the end of the visit, an agreement was reached to hold consultative meetings with the university to learn from Hungary’s experiences and implement them in Uzbek universities. This collaboration aims to establish connections between universities, support joint educational program development, and implement the CubeSat satellite project in Uzbekistan.


BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.

A visit to BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd. provided an opportunity to become acquainted with the company’s production activities, capacities, potential, and equipment testing capabilities. BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd. is the largest Hungarian company in its field, specializing in the production of space communication equipments for satellites and ground stations for over 30 years.

During the meeting, the company shared information about their participation in international projects, contracts with prominent European corporations, and supply chain issues regarding raw materials and customer collaboration in the CIS countries.

Following the meeting, given the positive relations between the governments of Uzbekistan and Hungary, both parties agreed to jointly study promising cooperation possibilities. They will explore the potential creation of BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.’s production facilities in Uzbekistan.