Reflections from GUHEM Space Camp Attendees

Date: 14.09.2023

As you know, from August 27 to September 2 of this year, 10 of our students aged 9 to 15 years old studied at the GUHEM Space Education Center (Bursa, Turkey), where they took part in interactive experiments, conversations, seminars and simulations with experts in areas of aviation, space technology and astronomy.

Our compatriots share their impressions:

Abdurashidov Akbarshox

"This travel was exciting for me, I got unusual and amazing emotions. We explored something and worked in groups. There was very beautiful. In the evening we slept in a comfortable hotel... I hope in the future we will go again with this group"

Rozikhodjaev Saidkhon 

"The trip to Space Camp gave me a storm of emotions and incredible impressions... We did a lot of experiments, in particular I liked the experiment where we had to protect the egg from falling from five meters... This trip was one of the best in my life"

Abdurahmon Holmatov

"I was extremely impressed by GUHEM Gökmen Uzay Havaclk Eitim Merkezi, a genuinely remarkable location... My favorite part was the planetarium... I departed with a rekindled sense of awe and curiosity about the cosmos' mysteries"

Em Alyona

"In Bursa, a city in Turkey, there is a fascinating place called Space Camp Turkey... Leaving the Turkish Space Camp was really difficult, as I had forged lasting friendships and gained a deep appreciation for the wonders of the universe"

Samir Abduganiev

"When I saw GUHEM for the first time I thought I went to an amusement park... At first I really didn’t want to talk to other people, but the atmosphere in GUHEM made me make up my mind, and I found a lot of new friends there!"

Lazizbek Nuriddinov

"Having heard about GUHEM, I already imagined what would happen there. But it was not even close to what I saw... GUHEM had everything you could think of... But most of all I was surprised by the staff of GUHEM. Their patience and knowledge are amazing."

Yuliana Bagieva

"Trip to Space camp in Bursa gave me magical experience that I will never forget... I really loved trip in Bursa. It’s so beautiful... I really appreciate Space Camp for giving me this amazing opportunity!"

Muminova Robiyakhon

"Space Camp Guhem is a really nice and interesting place to have fun, learn new things and make new friends... Guhem gave me a lot of emotions, excitement and experience... I also want to express my deep gratitude to the Guhem teachers for their approach to each child and their patience"

Said Saydaminov 

"My experience with GUHEM Space Camp was a memorable one. We covered aviation and biomimicry. Learning the origins of the motivation of humans to conquer the skies provided a new perspective for me. We had activities like simulating what it felt like to fly a real plane. The astronomy was my favorite. We learned the origins of our solar system and experienced what it felt like to walk on the moon. I met diverse people, from Azerbaijan to Hungary. In conclusion, my experience in GUHEM is unforgettable”

Mamadjanov Djakhongir

"After six days at GUHEM International Space Camp in Turkey, I learned a lot about flying and Space exploration and brushed up on astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. I'm impressed by GUHEM’s simulating systems, planetarium, and museum. I made friends from different countries, and we built a fully functional woody plane, motorized paper plane, rotocopter, and tested self-made rockets with an air pressure launcher. I recommend it to anyone passionate about Space exploration. The feelings are beyond words! I hope to see something like GUHEM in Uzbekistan in the future”