A meeting of representatives of Uzbekcosmos and Euroconsult took place

Date: 21.09.2022

The organization "Euroconsult" was founded in 1983 and initially began its activity with the study of the impact of innovative technologies on economic development. Later, focusing on the space sector, she began to offer her clients strategic solutions in the development of this industry. By 2016, the company had opened offices in several countries, aiming to enter the international market. Today, the head office of Euroconsult is located in France, and its branches are located in such major countries as the USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

A meeting was held between the specialists of this organization, who are considered leaders in their field, and representatives of the agency. During the bilateral talks, they discussed several important issues, such as effective areas of cooperation, exchange of experience, implementation of joint projects, implementation of strategic plans.

Press service of the Uzbekcosmos Agency